Forestry thesis

Model Forest as framework for multi-stakeholder cooperation and regional governance.

Forestry thesis

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Forestry thesis

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We have a wide range of thesis projects ranging from fundamental to applied, where you can study from the plant- to the ecosystem level, in the temperate and tropical zone, by doing field studies, experiments, lab studies, or . Our non-thesis Master of Forestry program is a professional degree for students pursuing careers in traditional forest management.

Master of Science (MS) Research-intensive with thesis. Our relationships with forestry agencies provide you with opportunities to do real-world research. Booklet: Sustainable Forest Management, Biodiversity and Livelihoods: A Good Practice Guide 2. CD ROM (contained in Booklet sleeve). The CD ROM includes PDF versions of the booklet, key reference materials, and a summary slide presentation, which has been included as a tool for forestry planners to share this information in.

An orientation meeting for new graduate students of the Forestry and Natural Resources Graduate Program is held early each semester to acquaint them with University, Graduate School, Program, and Department of Forestry and Natural Resources policies and procedures.

Forest Resources & Conservation (MS*/MFRC/PhD) The SFRC offers graduate programs leading to the Master of Forest Resources and Conservation (professional, non-thesis), Master of Science (thesis and non-thesis), and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in forest resources and conservation.

Topics for student research – Forest Ecology & Restoration Lab