Health history form

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Health history form

The purpose of this questionnaire is to know about the health history of the patients and to get an idea about his health. This questionnaire contains the detailed information about the personal health history of the patient, personal safety and health habits of the patient, male and female related history, family health history and other relevant symptoms and information.

General patient information section of the questionnaire include patient name, patient sex, date of birth, marital status, occupation, previous examination date and referring or previous doctor.

But there has not been much research done on populations that are relevant to the practice of physical therapists. These questionnaires if filled accurately and properly by the patients can be significantly utilized in different studies and are very much helpful in anticipating different outcomes of medication.

Generally, there is no restriction in the content of these questionnaires but the above-mentioned details must be mentioned. The patient health history form can have other names like medical history form or family health history form.It offers health benefits.

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Health history form

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What is a Health History Form? (with pictures)