Hildegard peplau interpersonal relations theory analysis

In nursing, this common goal provides the incentive for the therapeutic process in which the nurse and patient respect each other as individuals, both of them learning and growing as a result of the interaction.

Hildegard peplau interpersonal relations theory analysis

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Peplau Interpersonal Relation Theory Essay Sample

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She trained as a nurse at Pottstown Pennsylvania Hospital training school and graduated in the year Her major breakthrough in nursing came in the yearwhen she published the book Interpersonal Relationships in nursing.

She thereafter engaged in intellectual pursuits including writing numerous articles for journals and magazines expounding on her interpersonal concepts as they related to nursing.

She was privileged to serve in various capacities in different organizations both nationally and internationally until her retirement in She however continued with her writing and publishing of books and articles until her death in aged 89 years [8].

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Her distinguished career spanning five decades had a profound influence on nursing theory, research and practice. Peplau is regarded as a leading interactive nursing theorist who emphasised the importance of the nurse-patient relationship.

Hildegard peplau interpersonal relations theory analysis

She asserted that nursing is at its core a significant therapeutic and interpersonal process [9]. Her idea of nursing as a collaborative, mutual and interpersonal process changed nursing education, research and practice [10].

She viewed the interpersonal process as an interaction between two or more individuals with a common goal. The common goal forms the basis for the therapeutic process in which the nurse and the patient respect each other as individuals, both of them learning and growing as a result of the interaction [11].

She viewed personal identity and self awareness as key ingredients in the practice of nursing that affect the outcome of the interpersonal process. This approach to nursing allows the nurse to focus on how the psychological meaning of events, feelings and behaviours can be explored and incorporated into nursing interventions [13].

Psychodynamic nursing process also gives nurses an opportunity to teach clients how to identify and express their feelings and to explore with them how to bear their experiences [14]. Peplau also believed that the meaning of behaviour of the patient to the patient is the only relevant basis on which nurses can determine needs to be met [9].

Hildegard peplau interpersonal relations theory analysis

The interpersonal relationship according to Peplau evolves through three phases namely orientation, working and termination phases. The working phase is where the key work for the nurse-patient relationship takes place with the patient beginning to understand their reaction to the illness [16].

During the working phase, the patient concentrates on their response to the illness and develops an understanding of what their existing health condition requires of them. The working phase situates the patient as an active participant in understanding and solving his problem rather than as a passive recipient of advises and instruction.

The termination phase is where the work accomplished is summarized and closure occurs.Peplau’s Theory of Interpersonal Relations Hildegard Peplau was one of the first nursing theorists to recognize how important the work of a nurse was, rather then trying to define and delineate nursing.

Peplau Interpersonal Relation Theory Essay Sample The part of Hildegard Peplau to theories on nursing. particularly on psychiatric nursing pattern. is widely recognized . Peplau Interpersonal Relation Theory Essay Sample The contribution of Hildegard Peplau to theories on nursing, especially on psychiatric nursing practice, is widely recognized (Barker, ).

HILDEGARD PEPLAU’S THEORY OF INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS: Nursing is the interpersonal therapeutic process of functioning cooperatively with other human processes that make health possible for individuals in communities through education that aims to promote forward movement of personality.

Hildegard Peplau Theory of Interpersonal Relations according toHildegardPeplau there are 3 phases to the nurse patient relationship: Peplau stated relationships are characterized by “personalities, moods, concerns, needs, personal values and views which a person. Peplau and Theory of Interpersonal Relations Penn State University Abstract This paper will discuss facts from Hildegard Peplau’s personal life and her educational background that lead to the development of the Interpersonal Relations Theory.

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