Impact of life skills training on

Other groups at risk of exclusion Parents Gremlins[ edit ] A national "Get On" media campaign with a national helpline encourages adults to overcome their fears of learning and "get rid of their gremlins". Progress[ edit ] Since the launch of the strategy in5.

Impact of life skills training on

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Drug abuse is now-a-days one of the gravest social harms. Recent years have experienced a drastic rise in drug abuse among school and university students.

Thus, the need for special attention to the issue is deemed important. The present study was conducted with the aim of assessing the impact of life skills training on promotion of drug abuse preventive behaviors.

This field trial experimental study was conducted on 60 students of Gonabad Medical University selected through quota random sampling and assigned randomly into two Intervention and control groups.

Data were collected through a questionnaire, including two sections of demographic information and drug abuse preventive behaviors.

The questionnaire was first assessed as to its validity and reliability and then administered both before and after educational intervention and also as a follow-up 4 years after intervention — Data were then analyzed using t-tests and Chi-square. Life skills can organize personal, interpersonal and environmental actions in a way to lead to better health, which in turn leads to more physical, psychological and social comfort.

Lots of other investigations have also been conducted on other individual and social problems and their solution through LST. Findings reported a lower rate of smoking among those who attended the program compared with those who refused to attend.

In this study, drug abuse rate among the intervention group was significantly lower than the norm compared to the control group. Based on the obtained results, Besides, there was a change or rise in knowledge, insight and assertiveness skills rate after attending LST workshops.

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Furthermore, a significant relationship was detected between major and gender and social skills promotion rate A greater change was observed among boys.

They concluded that due to its impact on cognitive skills development, attending LST workshops is necessary for all university students. This can prove the positive impact of assertiveness training program on modification of beliefs and abstract norms of the youth and also its great influential role in planning and performance of drug abuse prevention training programs, especially in universities.

The population under study included all freshmen of Gonabad Universityof Medical Sciences. The selection criterion included factors as: Being a student of Gonabad Medical University Entering the university in the second semester of Giving consent and being able to attend workshops.

The intervention group took part in two one-day LST workshops held weekly. Before the first workshop, all participants of both groups were tested using the research instrument. Four years after intervention inall examinees except for 9 were tested again using the same instrument 4 from the Intervention group and 5 from the control group ceased to continue with the study due to attrition.

To control all the confounding variables all participants were under inspection during this period by researchers. Data were collected by the use of a researcher made questionnaire including: This section includes 45 questions, 5 items related to each area.

The questionnaire included the following items: Regarding self-awareness, items such as familiarity with the components of self-awareness, self-evaluation skills, knowledge of self-strengths and weaknesses, positive thinking abilities, positive ego development skills, relationship between self-esteem and drug abuse, self-esteem and endurance, features of tolerant people and factors affecting those features were investigated The domain of interactive skills investigated issues such as: The questionnaire was made by the use of related references, texts and expert panel.

Eight experts on the field commented on the face and qualitative content validity of the questionnaire. Therefore, its face and qualitative content validity was confirmed.

Having taken the required permits, validation of the aims of the study, emphasizing the confidentiality of the results and attracting the trust and consent of the participants, data were collected through distribution of the questionnaires among the target group before and after LST workshops.

As the study was of a pre- and post-test design, the questionnaires were encoded, so the examinees could be tested both before and after workshops and 4 years after educational intervention.

Furthermore, to ensure one-way blindness of the intervention, pre-test and post-test were administered by an experienced test-taker who was unaware of the type of intervention.

Workshops were held by four experts including two psychiatrists and two clinical psychology masters who had passed LST courses. Training techniques included lecturing, discussion, question and answer, role-play, modeling and handing out educational booklets.IMPACT OF LIFE SKILLS TRAINING ON HIV AND AIDS PREVENTION.

AN EVALUATION OF FOUR SECONDARY SCHOOLS IN MASVINGO URBAN, ZIMBABWE. Abstract: The Zimbabwe schools’ curriculum stipulates that life skills and HIV and AIDS education programmes be taught in schools as a strategy to combat the spread of HIV and AIDS among school-going young people in Other preventive strategies include life skills training (LST), information improvement, affective education, social influence and drug abuse resistance education.

Life skills are abilities needed to provide the groundwork for effective stress management and presentation of positive behaviors. Impact of the Life Skills Training curriculum on middle school students tobacco use in Marion County, Indiana, Journal of School Health, 73, View IMPACT offers much more than a job training services because it seeks to address a broad range of barriers that may inhibit individuals from seeking and maintaining employment.

From the time they apply for assistance, employment services are available and individuals are asked to begin their job A positive and net effect is observed in the study on impact of the life skills based training in the attitude of adolescent girls (Rajib Acharya et al.

Impact of life skills training on

). Similarly the life skills based  · analysis of case-studies was made to assess the impact of life skills intervention in bringing behavioral changes among the adolescents. The study proved that with continuous life skills training along with 21 Issue7/Version

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