Lab 4 4 labassignment

But the law also applies to any object in orbit around any other object, like a spacecraft orbiting around the Moon. The positional data of the spacecraft around the Moon is shown in Table The time interval between points is 15 minutes. Did you get an ellipse?

Lab 4 4 labassignment

Evaluation Description This assignment is to be done individually; you are not allowed to work on this assignment with anyone. You've been asked to write a program that records a student's grades and calculates the average grade and the GPA.

All input and output should take place on the console. To calculate the GPA, you will need to record the final grade and the credit value for each course the student has taken in the term.

A student can take any number of course courses in a term, and you don't know how Lab 4 4 labassignment courses the student is recording while the program runs. You will need to continually ask the user if they'd like to enter more data, and if they confirm, collect the data for another course.

After all the data has been recorded, display the average grade and the GPA. Credit value can't be 0 or negative, but no course has more than 9 credits.

Some courses have half-credits e. Sample program interaction and output can be seen below. In this example, user input is in bold dark red, prompts are in navy blue, and all other output is in italic black.

GPA Calculation Enter the grade and credit value for each course. Data for Course 1: Note that the user is asked if they would like to enter new data after every course is recorded.

Your program should be able to handle a flexible range of values for the user's inputted answer. For example, above you'll notice that "y" and "Yes" worked, even though the prompt asked for "Y" as a positive confirmation.

Recall how we did this in class on the console using Character.

Submission Due Monday, August 10 at the beginning of class Got questions?

If the user enters an invalid value, they should be prompted again. Grade Calculation Enter the grade and credit value for each course: Value must be between 0. All values entered must be numeric. Requires the Scanner object, a prompt String, a minimum double value and a max double value as inputs.

Returns a valid double value between the min and max value inclusive. The method should prompt the user to enter the desired value, and retrieve an double value using the Scanner parameter. If the Scanner's nextDouble method throws an exception because the user enters an invalid double, the message "Error: If the double value entered is not between the min and max value inclusivethe message "Error: Value must be between 1.

The user is continually prompted until a valid double value can be returned. Returns a double value representing the grade point value for the value of the grade parameter.

Only valid values will be input into this method, however any grade less than 0 still results in a grade point value of 0, so if your method is written correctly, this won't be a concern. Here's an example of how you'd use the getValidNumber method to ask the user for hours worked and rate of pay: You may add other methods if they are efficient and eliminate redundant code, but they must be written correctly and efficiently and without redundancies methods are there to get rid of redundant code!

If you add things that hinder the program's speed and efficiency, you will lose marks. The weighted credit value for one course is the grade points multiplied by the number of credits for that course.

4. What are the disadvantages of logging more information to the alerts file? The disadvantage of logging more information to the alerts file is that, if compromised, it gives away all of the network defense secrets. The CS:APP Buffer Lab Directions to Students ***** This assignment will help you develop a detailed understanding. 1 LAB 3 ASSIGNMENT SAMPLING DISTRIBUTIONS, CENTRAL LIMIT THEOREM In this lab assignment, you will explore important properties of sampling distributions in the context of a.

Grade points for a course are based on the grade achieved. The table below shows how grade points are determined:(4 2/G) is calculated for you and is given in the lab as * kg-hr2/km3.

Lab 4 4 labassignment

m is the mass of the spacecraft, almost zero compared to M. The formula becomes MP2 = (4 2/G) a3 M = (4 2/G) a3 P2 You know P in hours and a in mm (from the ellipse).

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Assignments Following are the Lab Assignments for CIS Lab 1 Due by the End of Week 1 Send an Email with an Attachment Return to CIS Syllabus: Lab 2 Due by the first day of class in Week 2 Hardware and Word Processor Lab Programming Lab 4 Return to CIS Syllabus. Directions: Before you can do any labs in this class, you need to be aware of the lab safety rules.

For this project, you and your lab partner are going to make a poster to illustrate one safety rule from the contract. BIO LAB 4 Assignment 1. Answer the following questions: a. List four cell structures that are common to both plant and animal cells. (4 points) b.

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