The miracle of cinema

Introduced only infilms have ranged from silent movies to talkies; black and white to color. Outpacing its predecessors by gaining public acceptance, from one end of the country to the other, its viewers come from all walks of life. Nationwide, there are more than movie theaters.

The miracle of cinema

History[ edit ] One of a number of posters created to promote the Marshall Plan in Europe. After the end of World War IIItaly was in ruins and occupied by foreign armies, a condition that worsened the chronic development gap towards the more advanced European economies.

The end of the Plan, that could have stopped the recovery, coincided with the crucial point of the Korea War —whose demand for metal and other manufactured products was a further stimulus to the growth of every kind of industry in Italy.

In addition, the creation in of the European Common Marketof which Italy was among the founder members, provided more investments and eased exports. A Lettera 22 typewriter by Olivetti.

The above-mentioned highly favorable historical backgrounds, combined with the presence of a large and cheap stock of labour force, laid the foundations of a spectacular economic growth.

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The boom lasted almost uninterrupted until the " Hot Autumn 's" massive strikes and social unrest of —, that combined with the later oil crisisgradually cooled the economy, which has never returned to its heady post-war growth rates.

The Italian economy experienced an average rate of growth of GDP of 5. Kennedy personally praised Italy's extraordinary economic growth at an official dinner with Italian President Antonio Segni in Romestating that "the growth of [ A nation once literally in ruins, beset by heavy unemployment and inflation, has expanded its output and assets, stabilized its costs and currency, and created new jobs and new industries at a rate unmatched in the Western world".

Fast economic expansion induced massive inflows of migrants from rural Southern Italy to the industrial cities of the North. Emigration was especially directed to the factories of the so-called "industrial triangle", the region placed between the major manufacturing centres of Milan and Turin and the seaport of Genoa.

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Between andaround 9 million people are estimated to have been involved in inter-regional migrations in Italy, uprooting entire communities and creating large metropolitan areas.

Thousands of miles of railways and highways were completed in record times to connect the main urban areas, while dams and power plants were built all over Italy, often without regard for geological and environmental conditions.

A concomitant boom of the real estate market, increasingly under pressure by strong demographic growth and internal migrations, led to the explosion of urban areas. Vast neighborhoods of low-income apartments and social housing were built in the outskirts of many cities, leading over the years to severe problems of congestion, urban decay and street violence.

The natural environment was constantly under strain by unregulated industrial expansion, leading to widespread air and water pollution and ecological disasters like the Vajont Dam disaster and the Seveso chemical accident, until a green consciousness developed starting from the s.

The miracle of cinema

At the same time, the doubling of Italian GDP between and [11] had a massive impact on society and culture. Italian society, largely rural and excluded from the benefits of modern economy during the first half of the century, was suddenly flooded with a huge variety of cheap consumer goods, such as automobiles, televisions and washing machines.

From toaverage per capita income in real terms trebled, a trend accompanied by significant improvements in consumption patterns and living conditions.The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek was a massive success on its initial release, and became Paramount’s highest-grossing film of Sturges’ script was nominated for a Best Original Screenplay Oscar at the Academy Awards.


The miracle of cinema

DECEMBER 23 & 24 (CHRISTMAS EVE) Frank Capra’s classic is a cherished Christmas tradition for countless families. Building & loan owner George Bailey (James Stewart) is all that stands between the good people of Bedford Falls and the wicked miser Mr. Potter (Lionel Barrymore).

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The true story of an immigrant family who endures hard times and tragedy. Open-mic storytelling competitions by THE MOTH.

Open to anyone with a five-minute story to share on the night’s theme. Come tell a story, or just enjoy the show! Please rate this movie. You may write a review in the space below. After the tragic death of star volleyball player Caroline "Line" Found, a team of dispirited high school girls must band together under the guidance of their tough-love coach in hopes of winning the state championship.

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