Write a proper evaluation of how

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Write a proper evaluation of how

Student Intervention Team Manual The next step is having the team turn a critical eye toward all programs, practices and strategies in your school that are aimed at addressing barriers to learning --in other words, efforts that attempt to enhance, improve, supplement, remediate or prevent something.

Ultimately you will want to catalog these many efforts, making a concrete list. Schools generally do a better job tracking academic programs, practices and strategies than they do tracking social-emotional or school-climate efforts.

It is important, however, to include social-emotional efforts in your list. Likewise, you should include school-wide efforts as well as those aimed at individual struggling students.

Write a proper evaluation of how

Some questions to consider when reviewing existing programs, practices and strategies: When did each effort start? What level of time, manpower and dollars does each require? Are there combinations of larger and smaller efforts that can be grouped because they share a common goal?

Do a Little Pruning Armed with an exhaustive list of every single effort, small or large, in your school, you'll be able to identify fragmented and poorly coordinated efforts and then eliminate efforts that sap too many resources, or that are not aligned with any concrete goal.

Remember that if you consider a program, strategy or practice not important enough to spend time evaluating, the effort may not be worth continuing to implement.

Cross items off the list as you go, eliminating time-wasters, duplicative activities and efforts that cannot be evaluated. If you find that any of your school's efforts do not relate either to academic support or one of the four school climate dimensions, it may indicate that these efforts are not worth continuing.

The dimensions are included for reference in The Governor's Prevention Partnership's Evaluation Planning Worksheetwhich you'll use in the next step.

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Once you've done some "pruning" of your list, you'll be ready to evaluate the remaining efforts. The pruning process may also have uncovered some gaps that you intend to fill with future programs, practices and strategies.

Plan to Evaluate Everything on the List In order to paint the most complete picture, a comprehensive school evaluation plan should cover every effort on your list hopefully you've shortened this list with some thoughtful pruning. The worksheet walks you through identifying the purpose of each effort and choosing short-term and long-term methods of measuring and tracking its impact on students.

Consider asking each member of your Data Team to complete the worksheet for a different type or group of programs, strategies and practices.

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The sophistication level of evaluation for each effort should reflect the sophistication level of the program, practice or strategy. Here is an example: Evaluating a formal effort such as the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program will involve administering long annual school-wide surveys to multiple informant groups and then analyzing the resulting data report.

Evaluating a more informal practice of holding student advisory periods to promote positive school climate and student social-emotional development might require only a five-question student survey or quick student feedback session twice a year.

Efforts that you have grouped together in step 2 might share a common method of measurement. For instance, you might use the same school-wide survey to assess both the impact of staff bullying prevention training and the impact of a new set of school-wide rules that you implemented at about the same time.

It's important to take a baseline measure of a problem before implementing new efforts to address that problem. If this is not possible because an effort has been in place for some time without being evaluated, put the measurement instrument or mechanism in place as soon as possible and begin to plan ahead for the next data collection, which will provide a point of comparison.

Write a proper evaluation of how

It's a good idea to consult an evaluation expert at the point that you're ready to choose your methods of measurement. An expert can help you choose good measurement tools e.Jump-Start Your School's Program Evaluation: Part 1 Do the words "program evaluation" strike fear in the hearts of your school's staff?

Many schools have so many programs, strategies and practices underway that they are overwhelmed by the prospect of assessing their effectiveness.

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